Our Services



Strategic Wealth Creation

We specialise in developing effective long term wealth creation strategies for our clients focused on understanding where they currently are and where they want to be. We develop action plans and carefully track progress to ensure that our client’s key financial objectives are met over the agreed timeframe.

In developing strategies to fulfil your personal objectives we consider a range of issues including the following:

  • Appropriate Structure for investment
    • Superannuation
    • Family Trust
    • Company
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Tax implications



  • Personal insurances
    Strategic planning helps to identify where you are now and where you want to be at some defined time in the future. An effective risk insurance strategy aims to fill the gap and protect your family against the possibility that illness, injury or premature death or disablement prevents you from achieving your long term financial goals.


Retirement Planning

  • Tax effective Income Streams
    Retirement income streams purchased with your superannuation savings offer specific tax and social security benefits which can assist in maximising retirement income.At Unity Partners we will show you how to structure your retirement income stream to provide capital stability and tax effective income.
  • Centrelink
    We develop and implement responsible strategies to help our clients maximise Centrelink entitlements including access to Pensions and Health Care Cards. We also liaise with Centrelink on behalf of clients to ensure they receive their due entitlements.
  • Aged Care advice
    We provide detailed advice to assist clients in determining the most appropriate approach to funding their Aged Care requirements. This includes an analysis of available options, whether to retain or sell the family home, retention of Centrelink benefits, potential estate implications etc.


Estate Planning

  • Wills
    In association with Lawyers, we assist clients to establish appropriate means of transferring wealth from one generation to another. Our estate planning service offers the following;
  • Consideration of your personal goals and objectives
  • Identifying your preferred and most competent executor
  • Reviewing your existing wills and enduring powers of attorney
  • Minimizing estate taxes Advice on positioning assets to help minimise estate taxes
  • Liaising with appropriate professionals to ensure (they are interpreting your wishes correctly) your wishes are interpreted correctly
  • Assisting executors with estate matters


Succession Planning

  • Small / medium business legacy
    • We help small business owners identify their own personal retirement needs and create a pool of ‘non business’ assets with a view to diversification and capital protection. Effective succession planning can facilitate a future change of ownership and potentially reduce stress on the successor’s cash flow.



  • Private Ancillary Funds (PAF)
    • A Private Ancillary Fund is a form of Charitable Trust which encourages Philanthropy at an individual or corporate level. Full tax deductions are given to donors and the Trust must make mandated distributions each year to registered charitable institutions. A PAF can provide an enduring legacy for family units wishing to make a tangible contribution to society.
  • We assist clients with the establishment of a PAF in association with their accountants. We provide the initial Investment Policy Statement, Half-yearly reports in addition to Investment Recommendations We provide the initial Investment Policy Statement and Half-yearly Reports in addition to Investment Recommendations and Reviews.


Collaborative Law Professional

  • A member of Queensland Collaborative Law, who can assist as a Financial Neutral in the Collaborative Family Law process
    • Cash flow and budgeting determination
    • Determination of net assets and future capital projections
    • Financial scenario modelling