Our Story

our-story-header-image-smallUnity Partners began in 2007 with the unbroken wealth management career of David Kretschmer initially going back to 1999. With very extensive experience, encompassing hundreds of clients throughout Australia for more than 27 years, David has devoted his career to helping clients achieve their financial goals and aspirations.

Achievement has also been a hallmark of David;

  • He has a Certified Financial Planners through the Financial Planning Association of Australia. This certification assures the public that those accredited have met rigorous professional standards and have also agreed to adhere to the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, diligence, professionalism, confidentiality and compliance.
  • David has done post graduate study in the area of Portfolio Theory. From 2002, he also held a position on the Recommended Asset Allocation Committee of a former employer.
  • He is also a member of the Queensland Association of Collaborative Practitioners Ltd

We bring this unparalleled industry experience and the exceptional professional insight that it gives us to greatly benefit our clients. We are committed to intelligent planning through client education. We coach our clients to take a global perspective, both in terms of the broad array of their planning options and in the geographical exposure of their portfolios. Probably most importantly, we are proactive in our ongoing mindfulness of our clients’ needs and in our efforts to help them achieve their aspirations.