Our Investment Philosophy


When it comes to investing, Unity Partners clients don’t take unnecessary investment risks and they don’t adopt unproven strategies. All of our client portfolios are based on what we really know:

  • Investment Risk and Reward are Always Related
  • Investment Markets are Efficient
  • Genuine Diversification Reduces Investment Risk


Based on these academic findings, and free from the commercial imperatives of product providers, Unity Partners client portfolios adopt proven and reliable methods which have substantial evidence to support them. Unity Partners clients only take investment risks that are well understood with proven characteristics.

We believe investors don’t need to outsmart the markets, investors are best placed if they pursue reliable processes that have a high probability of achieving the capital market rates of return.

And we agree with Warren Buffet who once said:

“To be a successful investor over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights or inside information. What is needed is a sound intellectual framework for making investment decisions and the ability to prevent your emotions from corroding that framework”.

At Unity Partners all client portfolios are constructed using an Asset Class Investing approach.


Asset Class Investing

Asset Class Investing involves the construction of portfolios that reliably deliver the return of a specific asset class – a group of securities that share common risk and return characteristics. An investor constructs this portfolio by purchasing all or a sample of, the securities within the asset category. No subjective forecasting of the market or economic conditions is involved, and no attempt is made to distinguish between undervalued or overvalued securities. Securities are considered for purchase when they meet the asset class parameters defined by the investment manager – they are considered for sale when they do not.

For those investors wanting to have a portfolio managed on their behalf, there are fundamentally three investment management styles:

Active Management – still the most widely used
Index Management
Asset Class Investing

At Unity Partners we utilise Asset Class Investing when building all client portfolios.